Creationism or the Way of Jesus

Table of Contents





1.Why do we have to choose: Creationism or The Way of Jesus?             

2.Creationism and its origins     

3.Why literalism is abuse of the Bible      

4.The Jesus approach      

  1. 5.        The common Evolution / Natural Selection position      


6.The origin and meaning of Genesis chapters 1 and 2     

7.Original sin:  a human artefact     

8.Noah:  a story misunderstood by Creationists     

9.Other misunderstood stories:  Jonah and Ruth     

10.Sex and sexuality     

11.Christology: Jesus then and now     

12.Creationists: Modern Day Pharisees     

13.Darwinism in your Bible     

14.Reassembling the pieces: Evolutionary Christianity     

  1. 15.      In summary: a personal viewpoint     


16.A modern rendition of the traditional creation story    

17.Examples of separate creation or modification upon modification?    

  1. A.Cell structure and functioning

  2. B.Serial Endosymbiosis Theory (SET)

  3. C.Aerobic and anaerobic ATP / ADP cycles

  4. D.The RNA world hypothesis

  5. E.Nucleic acids: the genetic material of life

  6. F.Protein catalysis

  7. G.Common metabolism processes

  8. H.The 1 bone, 2 bone, 5 bone plan and the Coelacanth

  9. I.The porphyrins: the heme, chlorophyll, vitamin B12 relationship

  10. J.The 9 plus 2 pattern in cilia

18.  Some statements by Creationists and their rebuttal                   


1.A timeline of the universe and the church     

2.References and additional notes                       

3.Recommended reading and viewing                      

4.Glossary of terms used: a useful reference                             

5.Some steps we can take at Christmas which bring us almost full circle