Creationism or the Way of Jesus



From an email from David and Jenny Bissett who have approved this for release

We are both reading Creationism or The Way of Jesus. We would love each Lay Preacher to have a copy of this book. You have done an excellent job, we are finding it refreshing, liberating, clear, concise with an abundance of grace in the way it is presented.

David and Jenny Bissett, Tamworth UC, NSW

From an email from Alicja Nolan and approved by her for release to encourage others to read the book

What you wrote makes so much sense to me.  It has had a huge impact on me since I read it. Not just the “feeling inspired for a few days” kind of change but the “understanding God in a whole new way kind of change”. Before God spoke to me through your book I knew in theory that God was loving and forgiving but in my heart still felt the need to tick all the boxes (read the bible daily, pray everyday, go to church etc, etc) and if I didn’t, I would feel judged and guilty, not good enough.
Through your book, I now understand a loving God who has loved mankind through its worst. Even when we are disobedient or deserve to be destroyed, God continues to love us. And he has through all of history. Nothing we do will change that. What incredible love that is and what freedom that gives us. I no longer feel bound by the rules or expectations of the church and others that make me feel unworthy of God’s love. I feel so free in knowing that nothing I do or don’t do can separate me from that love. And somehow this amazing freedom and love makes me want to serve God more than ever before.
I want to be changed in ways that enable me to love as Jesus loved and share God’s love with those around me. And best of all I have found the Joy that everyone talks about in being a child of God and serving him.  Thank you for sharing your experience of God in your life and allowing him to speak through you.

Alicja Nolan, Kalgoorlie, WA