Creationism or the Way of Jesus




Paul came to our newish youth group.  He was sixteen years old and was dressed in a black suit, with black hat.  He held out his hand and introduced himself, saying: Hi Doug, I’m Paul and I’m gay.  You’re a Christian so you must be a creationist.  His implication was clear: if you are a Christian then you are homophobic and a creationist.  In my case he was wrong on both counts.  But it gave me a window on the attitudes of some non Christians towards Christians.

We live in a world of many competing ideals and ideas, and these are exposed to comparison and scrutiny as never before.  Christians need to be more clear about what is the main message of Jesus.  We need to dispose of the centuries of add-ons, and live our lives with the honesty and clarity with which Jesus did.

Jesus overturned the tables in the temple because the moneylenders had lost sight of their purpose.  The lenders were making money out of gullible simple people.  As a result the deeper meaning of sacrificial practice was being lost on the lenders, and probably lost on their customers.

In a similar way we should dismantle the Creationism industry because its supporters have lost sight of being followers of the Way of Jesus.  The Creationism industry is making money out of gullible people not conversant with the Bible’s purpose and meaning.

The question is how to get literalist, substitutionary sacrifice people in the church to listen, and how can we help the “had a bit of that at Sunday School” people in the wider world to see the deep satisfaction of being a “Follower of the Way”: a follower of Jesus?

In the depths of my being I know that there is more to life than what we see and we experience.  This conviction is informed and explained through what the Bible brings to me.  Jesus as the visible presence of God our Creator helps me to understand that our world is a loved creation and that being human is OK, and even that I am OK.

I have been helped enormously by many people, most of them unknown to me personally: people who have carried out the often thankless and repetitive research of which I am merely an informed collater.  They join with us as seekers of the truth about this world, God’s world.

The time has come for the unequivocal rejection of Creationism and the literalist misinformation and hypocrisy which supports it.  This book may help.

Doug Burtenshaw  BSc (UWA) BEd (UWA)

Byford, 2014 

Please note:The first two parts of this book The Basics and Beyond the Basics are for general readership.  Scientifically Speaking is for those readers who are interested in some of the technical and scientific aspects of the debate.  Then there is an extensive timeline, references and a detailed glossary of terms.