Creationism or the Way of Jesus

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To Sue my wife,

Janene, Jeremy and Christina, and their families,

and in memory of Nerilea and Beverley,

with thanks for the challenges and ecstasy of family life

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Scum Plough – man maker, and

Scum Plough – man maker: discussion guide,

as used in several schools and with young people in general

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As long as we remain lambs we overcome,

we overcome and are victorious,

but as soon as we become wolves we are lost

for then we lose the support of the shepherd

who feeds not wolves, only lambs.            

                                                                                                St John Chrysostom  347 - 407 CE

For twenty five years Doug was a science teacher through to principal in the Education Department of Western Australia, after which he was foundation principal of Lake Joondalup Baptist College, and Tranby College for the Uniting Church.

Doug and his wife Sue assist with crisis care and youth work in the local Uniting Church.  He is an accredited lay preacher, and enjoys playing classical organ, playing piano in a dance band, reading theology, contributing to the Uniting Church Lay Preachers Association, and being a grandparent.