Creationism or the Way of Jesus



What would Jesus do?

If Jesus was a man of his time then he believed that the earth was flat, with heaven above and earth beneath, reflecting the state of science and theology at the time.


Jesus’ followers believed in an interventionist God, who could make things happen or not happen according to his will.

If we are people of our time then we know that the earth is not flat, and that heaven is not up there somewhere. 

Some still believe in an interventionist God, while others see God as the essence within us responding to the power which is beyond our concepts of space and time.

Jesus calls us to follow him: 

to understand the times we live in and

to help change our world for good.

This book describes the beliefs of creationists and evolutionists,

the contexts in which they developed,

and the simple Way of Jesus.

Readers are invited to balance their apparent insignificance in the universe against the Biblical inspiration and conviction that each individual is important: that each person matters.